ACOL Client Services Help


Electronic Cheque

Users with cheque signing authority can transfer funds from a bank account to their ACOL account by selecting Electronic Cheque from the ACOL Client Services menu.

Transferred funds are applied to the ACOL account immediately. The actual withdrawal from the bank account will take place within 24 hours. Records of these transactions will appear on the bank statement. A record of the electronic cheque will also appear on the ACOL Client Services account statement as a credit.

Any number of individuals may be authorized to sign cheques in an organization. Typically, only one authorized signature is required for a cheque. If your organization has specified that multiple signatures are required for each cheque, see Electronic Cheque - Multiple Signers.

The status of the cheque may be any of the following:

An informational message is displayed after the selection of the Sign, Send, and/or Void buttons, confirming the action that was taken.

Note on Unsent Cheques: Cheques that have been written and signed, (but not sent to ACOL nor voided), will remain on the system for the rest of the day. If you write and sign a cheque, then exit from the system and sign on again the same day, the cheque will be there as you left it, ready to send or void. If a cheque is not signed that day, it will be voided automatically overnight and will be removed from the system.

The following fields are displayed. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

User ID

Display only

Your unique user ID.


Display only

Your account name as currently represented in the Client Services database for the above user ID.

Cheque Number

Display only

The number assigned by Client Services to the current cheque.

Cheque Date

Display only

The date this cheque was signed.

Account Number

Display only

Your Client Services account number.



Available to user to enter additional information.



The amount of funds you want to transfer from your bank account to your Client Services account.


Sign - Signs the electronic cheque. Changes the cheque status.

Send - Sends the electronic cheque.

Void - Voids the electronic cheque. Changes the cheque status.

Cancel - Quit without processing electronic cheque and return to Main menu.